SecondShell 1.0

A variety of little enhancements for Windows File Explorer


  • Doesn't require installation
  • Especially handy for laptops


  • No configuration options


SecondShell is a pack of small features and enhancements that can make window managing and browsing much more comfortable on your Windows computer, especially if you use a laptop.

When you launch SecondShell you'll see a splash screen, and nothing else. The program runs in the background, assigning keyboard and mouse shortcuts to common app and window actions, such as moving, resizing, maximizing, minimizing and closing.

With SecondShell you'll be able to resize or move windows without having to place the mouse cursor on the window edge and minimize or close windows with an easy shortcut.

SecondShell displays a little icon in the system tray from where you can disable the program at any time, as well as review the shortcut list. On the downside, it doesn't have any configuration settings, nor does it let you customize shortcuts.

SecondShell makes Windows File Explorer easier to manage, especially on laptops.



SecondShell 1.0

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